Practice Areas/Sectors

Galmont provides senior attorneys and legal support specialists for mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies in the following key practice areas and industry sectors:

General Contracts: Galmont provides attorneys, contract managers and support staff with expertise in all types of contracts and agreements.

Employment & Labor: Attorneys with expertise in employment and labor agreements or contracts, termination, immigration, handbooks, and more; government agency compliance including the Department of Labor, EEOC, and ERISA.

Intellectual Property: Galmont attorneys have deep expertise in patents, copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property (IP), and related.

Real Estate: Attorneys with expertise in commercial or residential legal matters, from purchase or sales contracts, property development and zoning, loans and finance, and more.

Data Privacy: The fastest growing need for many of our clients, data privacy, represents an increasing burden on in-house legal departments in areas of compliance, consumer information management, IT, and third party oversight.

Commercial Agreements: Galmont attorneys offer broad expertise in transaction, confidentiality, sales, consulting, licensing and partnerships, indemnity, contractor agreements, and more.

Manufacturing: Our deep bench of experienced, former in-house counsel brings expertise and skills to the manufacturing environment including commercial agreements, supply chain, foreign exchange matters, labor contracts, leases, IP and related.

Corporate Formation: Galmont Legal provides attorneys with expertise in all types of incorporation, partnerships, franchise agreements, and more.

Regulatory and Compliance: Attorneys and specialists with expertise in all aspects of government and regulatory compliance including legal governance, risk management, securities & finance, safety and related.

Technology: Galmont Legal professionals bring expertise from a range of backgrounds including complex sales and procurement agreements, software licensing, intellectual property, and more. Galmont Legal can augment your legal staff for a variety of technology-related legal requirements.

International Commerce: Attorneys with expertise in all aspects of international contracts, agreements, litigation and more. In addition, Galmont has attorneys, paralegals and legal support specialists that speak most foreign languages natively, and have expertise with foreign judicial systems.

Financial services: Galmont Legal has a stellar reputation among many of the largest banks for providing seasoned professionals in this highly regulated sector. Our attorneys and paralegals bring vast knowledge in KYC/AML, M&A, securities law, investment banking, and all facets of financial services compliance.